Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vienna in 24 hours

So...these pictures are way overdue! But here they are :) These are pictures from when I went to Vienna a couple of weekends ago. We took the night train there and then it took almost a whole day via train to get back, but it was worth it to see the city. Somehow we managed to see everything, thanks to a friend's friend who showed us around as well as some exploring on our own. The trip back was quite interesting as well. I tried to take an earlier train back but the woman who sold me the ticket set it for a route through Frankfurt (which wasn't exactly on the way...) and my train ended up being late, causing me to miss all of my connecting trains. It was quite an adventure!

Vienna is a beautiful city. In the more historic part of town almost anywhere you go you see huge, gorgeous buildings. It's very impressive. We also went for dessert at a famous hotel to eat the original Sacher Torte, which is probably my favorite memory from the trip.

The gardens at the Schonbrunn Palace.
A yummy, traditional Viennese meal of Wiener Schnitzel.

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