Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Part I: Venice

For the past ten days a few friends and I from the program have been traveling to Venice, Rome, and Barcelona. I think I'll add a bunch of photos from each, starting with Venice :)

 Looking down on the main plaza from the tower.

 We got rained on our first night after dinner...

Venice was amazing! It was kind of like it is in the movies & like you would imagine it to be--with gondolas, canals, and beautiful old buildings everywhere. It is also very touristy. There is one main tourist path that weaves through the city and that's where all of the crowds end up. It's lined with souvenir shops almost the whole way and also signs because Venice is built a bit like a maze. Also, the public transport in Venice is 'Vaporetto' boats on the canals, because there are no cars in the city. I think it actually took everyone in our group a couple of days to realize there were no cars around!

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