Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Interlocken in 2 Hours

 Last week after the program had its field trip to Bern I went with some friends to Interlocken for the afternoon. We only had a few hours before our train left for Vienna, but wanted to go just to see the view. And it was worth it! The train ride there was stunning, and once we got there we got to see the sunset. I think we basically ran off the train and just started asking people where the best view was, or where to go. Somehow, with minimal German skills we made it to the best look out point--the top of a fancy hotel in a little cafe. So we stopped for some coffee and then with an hour left quickly went to see the view of the lake as well.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bern: The Capital

So. I ended up going quite a few places this past week! I'll upload the photos from our program's trip to Bern today and keep putting the rest from this weekend up later this week.

Last Wednesday I went to the capital of Switzerland, Bern, with the study abroad program, to see the city and attend lectures by guest speakers. From there I went with some friends to Interlocken for the afternoon on Friday, and then took a train to Vienna for the weekend. More pictures to come!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Golden Pass Train!

Here are some more pictures :) After Zurich I took the Golden Pass train back through the mountains, stopping in places like Lucerne and Interlocken!


Went to Zurich this weekend! The city was amazing. The weather was great while we were there and there were tons of people out and about. Here are some pics from our first night in the city and out walking tour around the Old Town.